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Amazing customer service, turn around time was way quicker than we had talked about and made sure colors, clips, washers were exactly what I wanted. I would recommend to anyone!!

                                        ~Nick Holyfield

Outstanding customer service, great products custom made to your exact specifications, reliable company, fast delivery and affordable!

                                                      ~Alex Azar

Jason is a good, down to earth guy. I just met him for the second time, and it felt like I was talking to an old friend. Very helpful and attentive to details of what the customer wants. Will be doing business with him again.

                                  ~Travis R. Chapman

DavTach Concealment makes great kydex holsters and knife sheaths. Jason shows great attention to detail and makes every product himself by hand. I have personally handled many of the holsters he has made and it is almost impossible to find a flaw. Jason is also a top competitive shooter in the International Defensive Pistol Association and has won awards at the regional and state level. Being a shooter, Jason knows what other shooters need and are looking for in holsters. I'm looking forward to the competition equipment that is coming from DavTach soon!

                                           ~Matt Childress

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DavTach Concealment Holsters strives to make every experience pleasant and one in which the customer is satisfied with their purchase. If you have questions regarding something that isn't on our site, or just need more information, please contact us!!

Tel: 903-690-1886

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